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Starter Guide

Welcome to our Starter Guide for Metin 2 Global. This Guide explains you the first steps, aswell some basics about our Server. To be fair, we can't explain everything, but we hope to send you on the right way and explain the most important things.

The first step is to choose between our 2 empires. But chose wisely, because it is not that easy to change between the empires. After this, you are able to chose between the 4 races. It might be a good Idea to start with a farming character. In our opinon Warrior and Sura are the best Choice. Now you are starting on our Map1, that includes the same monsters that every map1 has. If you reached level 5 you get a quest to choose your Education. Afterwards you can go to the stable boy. He offers you a quest to recieve the first horse. If you are stronk enough you can start killing Metin Stones on Map1, they will drop skillbooks, green pots and bravery caps. Equal informations can be easily looked up in our information feature, by pressing "i", also we are stoaring upp-items and skillbooks in an extra stoarge, to save inventory space.


After reaching level 10, you are now able to enter our Starting-Dungeons, there you can increse your level and farm stuff. If you want to redo the dungeon, just don't talk to the guarding and port with your teleportring back to map1. You can enter the dungeon the next 9 levels after you were able to enter it the first time. This Dungeons appear every 10 levels until level 60.


If you are done with some of the basics and think how about to get ahead, it is the best time, to farm for a horse medal in the ape dungeon. Because with level 25 you can get the next quest from the stable boy, to get your war horse. It is possible to get help to fullfill the quest, but you have to be the Groupleader, because only him get the monsterkils counted. After you finished the quest and recieved your war horse, it's time to go map2 and farm there. Also it could be a good idea firs to get a level 30 weapon.

Antike Glocke: Wilder General?

Vollmondschwert: Wilder General?, Wilder Bogenschütze?

Roteisenklinge: Dunkler Fanatiker?

Herbstwindfächer: Wilder Bogenschütze?

Hornbogen: Wilder Bogenschütze?,

Schwarzblattdolch?: Wilder Bogenschütze?

After you are ready to go, to farm on map2, it is the perfect time go get the quest from Yang-Shin. By finishing this quest, you will recieve a pet. Further informations: Pet_System At level 35, it is time to take a short break from leveling and you have to make your abilities and your gear better. This is the point to farm switchers, other gear parts and blessing scrolls. Because the ones your are dropping until level 30 can not be used for gear with a gearlevel over 40.

After your PvM-EQ is at a good point, farming Bosses is a good idea, to drop hexagonal chest. Hexagonal chests includes Items like exorcissm scrolls, which can be used to reset the cooldown between using skillbooks. Make sure to collect all Skillbooks, because on the first monday of a month you can trade 4 normal skillbooks against a masterbook at Soon.

Einem normalen Laden werden nur 1 % Steuern abgezogen, bei einem Offline Shop sind es schon 3 %. Und da wir auch ein Auktionshaus haben, in das alle Items gehen welche in den Shops zu finden sind, werden dort 9 % Steuern verlangt, jedoch zahlt der Verkäufer nur die 3 %, die restlichen 6 % zahlt der Käufer. If you reached the point to go ahead, it is a good choice to take a look into Trading. But we made some change, which are explained in the next lines. Shops can be only created on our tradingmap, you reache the tradingmap with your teleportring or be walking into the portals on map1. But its a good idea first to look up the general store to get the offlineshop-item. Because it is like a normal trading system there are also taxes. Item you have selling in your shop, will be visible in the auction house too.

Guide written by Bes / Translated by Aroma