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Beginner dungeons on Metin2 Global

On Metin2 Global, there are all 10 Level small Dungeons, which can be an advantage for you. With the completion of these Dungeons, you will a reward. You can complete a Dungeon only once. If you're 10 levels above the Dungeon, you can no longer access it. The duration that you need for the Dungeon, is recorded in a Ranking on the Homepage.

Tasks & Rewards

Level Simplification Order Reward
  • Kill all the monsters,
  • Kill all Metin of sorrow,
  • Kill Tigris
  • 50x Bravery Cape
  • Elixir of the sun (K),
  • Elixir of the moon (K),
  • Copper earrings+6
20 Choose a riding animal
  • Kill all Metin of greed,
  • Kill Li-On
  • 5x Green Strength,
  • 5x Green Magic,
  • 5x Soul scroll.
30 Choose a G Skill
  • Kill all Metin of darkness,
  • Kill Goo-Pea
  • 5x Green Strength,
  • 5x Green Magic,
  • 5x Soul scroll.
  • Kill all the spiders
  • Blessing ball,
  • 4x Reinforce Item,
  • 4x Enchant Item,
  • 4x Exorcism Scroll
  • Kill 100 monsters in 5 minutes
  • Kill the Dark nine tail
  • Experience ring
  • Soul stone
  • Zen Bean
  • Kill all the monsters
  • Thief glove
  • 10x Shell