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Dismantle of ores

The ores is an important part on Metin2 Global, dyou have so you can pick out both a good source Yang and the last bit of damage from your jewelry. As you perhaps already noticed, does the leveling of Mining Skills, here a little different. From level 30 you can go to the alchemist of your kingdom and start there, to give him ores. Below you can see, which must give their. When done all fully discharged, you have perfected mining.As a reward for your effort, you will now be announced in Rufchat "The player has xy mining perfected". The effect of mining P may be impressive, as you can degrade significantly more ore at a time now and from a vein up to 800x gain the appropriate ore.

Mining skill improve

Anzahl Item Quest Step
100 Ebenholzerz.pngEbony Ore Mine for the alchemist Ebony. Step 2
100 Stück Perle.pngPiece of Pearl Mine for the alchemist Piece of Pearl. Step 3

Weißgolderz.pngWhite Gold Ore
Kristallerz.pngCrystal Ore
Mine for the alchemist White Gold Ore and Crystal Ore. Step M1
100 Amethysterz.pngAmethyst Ore Mine for the alchemist Amethyst Ore . Step M2
100 Himmelstränenerz.pngHeaven's Tear Ore Mine for the alchemist Heaven's Tear Ore. Step M3
100 Seelenkristallerz.pngSoul Crystal Ore Mine for the alchemist Soul Crystal Ore. Step G1
100 Rubinerz.pngRuby Ore Mine for the alchemist Ruby Ore. Step G2
100 Granaterz.pngGarnet Ore Mine for the alchemist Garnet Ore. Stufe G3

Smaragderz.pngEmerald Ore
Saphirerz.pngSapphire Ore
Mine for the alchemist Emerald Ore and Sapphire Ore. Step P