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  • In Demon Tower of bonus strongly acts against undead and resistance to darkness.
  • You need to be at level 40 to be allowed entrance.
  • The Demon Tower has on Metin2Global only 7 planes.

Expiration of Runs

Ground floor

  • Destroy the Metin of Toughness opposite to the entrance portal. Once the Metin is destroyed, everyone will be teleported to the 1st floor.
  • The Metin spawn right after so that others do not have to wait.

Level 1

  • Kill all the mobs to proceed to the next floor.
  • Starting on this level, the monsters are aggressive!.
  • The Demon King is significantly stronger than the other monsters and can chip off a.

Level 2

  • Destroy the Metin of Devil to proceed with the next challenge on the same floor. Once you killed the Metin of Devil, 7 Metin of Fall will spawn around the floor. You need to break those Metins until you find the correct one.

Level 3

  • The task on this floor is to open the 5 Seal in 20 minutes.
  • Kill all monsters to drop Key Stone .
  • To destroy the pillars, you have to pull the key stones on it.
  • Tipp: If you destroy a column directly spawn a new wave of monsters.

Level 4

  • Kill the proud demon king when you killed him disappear all monsters.
  • It appears to kill the proud demon king a random Demon Tower Smith (Jeweller, Weaponsmith or Armorsmith).
  • One can only once be improved at him.
  • the Yang-amount and the chance of success is the normal village blacksmith.
  • In order to be addressed to reach the next level of the Demon Tower farrier. This goes until Lv. 75th

Level 5

  • Destroy all the Metins of Death, when this was done spawn numerous monsters and a Metin of Murder.
  • Kill the Metin of Murder so a Unknown old box dropped.
  • From Unknown old box has come out a Map of Zin Grotto.
  • Click on the Map of Zin Grotto to get to the next level.

Level 6

  • Kill so long to drop Immortal Spirit to the Zin-Bong-In-Key.
  • Drag the Zin-Bong-In-Key at Sa-Soe-Siegel to advance to the next level.

Level 7

  • Now you have played in the plane of the Grim Reaper.
  • Kill the Grim Reaper to the Run insurance.
  • The Grim Reaper properly drop valuable items.
  • With the shrunken head from the Grim Reaper you get entree for Azrael.


  • Weaponsmith
  • Armoursmith
  • Accessorysmith


  • Brutal Demon Archer
  • Brutal Demon Leader
  • Brutal Demon Shaman
  • Brutal Demon Soldier
  • Brutal Demonspearman
  • Brutal Flying Skull
  • Brutal Ghost of Chaos
  • Brutal Ghost of Grudge
  • Demon Archer
  • Demon Shaman
  • Demon Soldier
  • Demon Spearman
  • Demonic Beast
  • Flying Skull
  • Ghost of Chaos
  • Ghost of Grudge
  • Ghost Sword Master
  • Immortal Ghost
  • Skull Sword Master
  • Vile Demon Archer
  • Vile Demon Leader
  • Vile Demon Shaman
  • Vile Demon Soldier
  • Vile Demon Spearman


  • Demon King
  • Proud Demon King
  • Grim Reaper


  • Metin of Death
  • Metin of Devil
  • Metin of Fall
  • Metin of Murder
  • Metin of Toughness