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In this guide, we will introduce you to the most common farming methods on Metin2 Global. Unfortunately we can not describe to you all the possibilities that exist in this guide, we limit ourselves to the most effective and best known methods. If you are in one of the listed levels, and you have a lot of trouble You have a closer look at your PvM-EQ. We will not pick up any topic, even if it is still possible in another level range.

Level 35

With Level 35, you have the main attention to his Skills, you can do this with Level 35 quite easy and

Effectively. To do this, you should use Metrolines on Map2. These drop Skill Books, Bravery Capes, Spirits and Greens Potions. As you embrace your Skill Books, you are able to upgrade your equipment. If your PvM-EQ is well advanced then you can also move to higher Metins wagons like: Valley of Seungryong Metin of Shadow or Yongbi- Desert - Metin of the Soul, here it is already possible for you to cultivate additional soul .

Level 55

When you have mastered your Skills, it's time for perfection. You will probably need a little more time for this, but this is also good when you consider how much you can achieve with Level 55 already for the High Level range. There are several ways to get to your destination quickly. Option 1 (Skills):
Mount Sohan, here you can find the Metin Devil and Metin of Death, both of which are beatable with Level 55 and it aligned PvM EQ, and provides a good Possibility to Souls, needed Uppitems, as well as to missing equipment parts.

Option 2(Equipment):

Dawn Tower, here you can secure some valuable Uppitems and also equip your equipment at the DT-Schmied, which does not require any Upp items from you. This method is worthwhile especially if you take 4 characters + in one run. If you are lucky, you can upgrade your equipment to +9 without using a bead for it.

Level 75


Now you should have perfected your most important skills. With Level 75 you are mainly preparing for leveling. However, you now have the possibility to fight some runners or dungeons. But what should be done first is that you get a 75 weapon for your class. This is done either in the Demon Tower where you kill the Sensenmann, or you try the Spinnenbaroness, but here a group is recommended. Since there are so many ways to farm with Level 75, we'll list some of you.
Option 1 (Yang/Equipment):
In the Demon Tower, you have the opportunity to improve your PvM-EQ, but you are now able to advance to the Sensenmann, this can drop valuable items which you can either Or sell them on the market.
The spider baroness is blessed with some valuable items, such as the 75s, since these are worth a high value in the market, this is worthwhile in most cases. However, you should also note that this is not so easy to do solo and you probably need a group for it.
The Azrael, is in the Angels dungeon and helps you with your further process. Not only do you drop the Uppitems for the Lv.80 armor from him, you also have the chance to Lv. 75 shoes, which help you very much and usually offer a high market value.

Option 2 (Yang/Vorbereitung):
In the Red Forest you have the opportunity to arm yourself for the rest of the course or earn yang with active farms of Metin stones. Besides countless equipment dropps, these Metins also offer the opportunity Experiencing Ring e and Diebeshandschuh e to Droppen.

Level 90


With level 90, you can then, very first, very long and very extensively the Pet System lean. Since this is very complex, it is worth getting the necessary information before you learn any skills of his pet, and these are not so useful. Your Pet Skills, you can farm at Metins on the 90er map. By the way, you also drop other Uppitems, which you need for the Craften of the new jewelry.

Level 100


Now the part tends to the end, and you definitely want to have the perfect PvM-EQ, but this is not very easy. You must invest a lot of time in Metins and boss farms to get the required Uppitems such as the copper plates or Mithril. In order to be able to farm the bosses properly, your pet should have advanced. However, there are still some ways to get to Yang in the High End area.
Razador, is suitable for some items, as well as the 80 helmet. Items such as the blacksmith's stone, gain good market prices, and are thus a good source of income.
Nemere is a run that can be very well combined with the Demon Tower, because it drops 70s armor + 7, 75 weapons and a lot more. So if you are actively doing DT-Runs, it is worthwhile to pay a visit to the dear Nemere and take your dropps with you.

Also the 90s map bosses, give you wealth, with their plates and mithril, you can earn a lot on the high end market on yang, but be aware that you do not disregard your EQ.

Enchanted forest

Guide written by Bes