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Fisherman Questline


  • You need to be at least level 30 to start the Fisherman Questline.

Amount Needed Item Quest Level
5 Lachs lebendig.png Salmon Fish 5x Salmon for the Fisherman Level 2
5 Bachforelle lebendig.png Brown Trout Fish 5x Brown Trout for the Fisherman Level 3
5 Graskarpfen lebendig.png Grass Carp Fish 5x Grass Carp for the Fisherman Level M1
5 Regenbogenforelle lebendig.png Regenbogenforelle Fish 5x Rainbow Trout for the Fisherman Level M2
5 Flussforelle lebendig.png Flussforelle Fish 5x River Trotu for the Fisherman Level M3
5 Rotfeder lebendig.png Rudd Fish 5x Rudd for the Fishermante Level G1
5 Tenchi lebendig.png Tenchi Fish 5x Tenchi for the Fisherman Level G2
5 Wels lebendig.png Catfish Fish 5x Catfish for the Fisherman Level G3
5 Lotusfisch lebendig.png Lotus fish Fish 5x Lotus fish for the Fisherman Level P



  • Every Fish-Bonus lasts 10 Minutes.

Item Name Effect Needed Item Time
Lachs gegrillt.png Grilled Salmon Gives 12 Inteligence. Salmon 10 Min.
Graskarpfen gegrillt.png Grilled Grass Carp Gives 12 Strength. Grass Carp 10 Min.
Aal gegrillt.png Grilled Eel Gives 10% Chance for Exp-Bonus. Eel 10 Min.
Flussforelle gegrillt.png Grilled River Trout VGives 10% to drop double amount of Items. River Trout 10 Min.
Regenbogenforelle gegrillt.png Grilled Rainbow Trout Gives 10% to drop double amount of Yang. Rainbow Trout 10 Min.
27881.png Grilled Shiri Gives you +5% Magic-/Meleedamage. Shiri 10 Min.
27880.png Grilled Stint Gives 30% strong against Metinstones. Stint 10 Min.
Rotfeder gegrillt.png Grilled Rudd Gives 20% strong against Metinstones. Rudd 10 Min.
27879.png Grilled Ayu Gives strong against Monsters 20%. Ayu 10 Min.
Bachforelle gegrillt.png Grilled Brown Trout Gives strong against Monsters 10%. Brown Trout 10 Min.
Barsch gegrillt.png Grilled Perch Gives strong against Annimals 20%. Perch 10 Min.
Tenchi gegrillt.png Grilled Tenchi Gives strong against Orcs 20%. Tenchi 10 Min.
Wels gegrillt.png Grilled Catfish Gives strong against Esoterics 20%. Catfish 10 Min.
27877.png Grilled Loach Gives strong against Undeads 20%. Loach 10 Min.
Lotusfisch gegrillt.png Lotus Fish Gives strong against Devils 20%. Lotus Fish 10 Min.