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General information


A guild is a grouping of players with similar interests and perceptions about the interplay. Providing the right guild always has a pleasant society and helps each other in leveling or accomplishing quests or defeating difficult opponents.

You can create your own guild at level 40 for 200,000 yang at the village guard. The name can be from max. 12 characters

The leader can always appoint a guild member to the new Leader with the Item Ring of Succession. The new leader must be at least level 40 and accept the surrender.After this, the old leader can leave the guild without disbanding.If, on the other hand, you want to completely delete the guild, you must speak with the guardian of the village square in his own realm and select the corresponding function there.

The leader can purchase a guild property and build a building on it. The forges and alchemists, however can be used by all players.

Guild property


To open up your own guildland you need 250,000,000 (250kk) yang, 200 foundation stone, 200 tribe and 200 plywood. You get your own map where you can meet with your guild. You can go there by clicking on "To (Guildname)" at the bottom of the guild window. There you can buy various "buildings" and objects on his guild property. These cost between 75,000,000 (75kk) and 125,000,000 (125kk).

Rank management

Beispiel für vergebene Rechte

In the rights administration the leader has the opportunity to assign various rights. 14 ranks he may individually designate and each assign different rights. The leader has always all rights, they cannot be removed. New guild members get a default rank without rights. There are the following rights:

  • Invite
This right allows members to invite other players (without guild) in the guild. To invite other

players in the guild, you have to make right click on the player and click in the top menu that appears Guild Invitation. The player receives a message where he can decide whether he wants to in the guild or if he does not want it.

  • Kick
This right allows members other members from the guild to dismiss. Therefore, it should only be

given to the members that you also familiar. Dismissing goes similarly to the friend list: Mark the guild member and click at the bottom on the trash can.

  • Write
This right allows members to write announcements on the "black board" which remain permanently at

the top. Addition one must put an ! in front of the message. Besides the writer himself the leader can always delete messages.

  • Skills
With this right the guild members can use during a guild war guild skills. It should be taken that the

guild skills only encompass each the triggering player. Anyone who will benefit from the guild skills in guild wars, therefore must be set to the right.

  • Storage
With this right you can store items in your guild warehouse.
  • Outsourcing
With this right, you can remove items from your guild warehouse.
  • Deposit
With this right you can transfer Yang to your Guild Camp.
  • Pay off
With this right, you can transfer Yang from your Guild Camp to your inventory.

Guild League


On Metin2 Global, there are no guild wars as you might know. There is the guild league!

Each guild with at least 8 guild members will automatically participate in the guild league. In addition, the guild leader can choose which 8 players from his guild to the next guild league And may not participate. However, never more than 8 players may participate per guild.

The guild league is divided into 3 leagues, with all guilds starting in the 3rd league and the 1st league being the best. In the respective league are the guilds in Groups. Within a group, the 4 guilds fight against each other in the 1v1 principle. For a victory there are 3 points for the winning guild in the Ligagesamt evaluation, For a tie (both guilds do not occur) 1 point.

The whole is divided into Seasons whereby a season lasts 1 month. The last guild war in the respective season runs somewhat differently:.

The 4 guilds from a group fight against each other in the all-against-all principle. This is the most important guild war in the season, as there are much more points to get. For every 2 kills, there are 1 point in the official assessment. So it is possible without problems, on the last Season Gildenkrieg-day again everything to turn.

In Guild league 3 and 2 it is only about the ascent to league 1. At the end of each season the 2 best from the Ligagesamt evaluation in league 1/2 rise, whereby the 2 worst from League 1 and 2 in league 2/3. In league 1 there are rewards. In what form is still pending.


Here are some tips for a successful guild leadership:

  • Do not invite too many farmers !
  • Give yourself trouble as guild leader, show Charisma, otherwise it will be nothing!
  • Never take childish members
  • Do something together!