Nemeres Warte

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Nemere's Watchtower


  • Requirements:
  • Can only enter while in group.
  • The minimum level to enter the dungeon is 100.
  • Features:
  • This Map consists of 9 levels and a Boss room.
  • After Leaving, you must wait two hours until you can re-enter.

Nemeres Warte Zonen.png
The different zones
Level 1
After activating the Run on the Ice Lion, kill all mobs to proceed to next level.
Level 2
Kill mobs until you drop Frostschlüssel.png , which are needed for completing the level. Find the right key!
Level 3
Kill all mobhs in this level to proceed.
Level 4
Kill the 2 waves of mobs to proceed.<br
Level 5
Kill mobs that will drop Nordstern.png use them to open the 5 seals on the Arctic Cubes, seals have to be opened in the correct order.
Level 6
Kill all the mobs and destroy the Metin of Cold<br
Level 7
Find and kill the correct Szel. <br
Level 8
Kill mobs until you drop the Eisblumenschlüssel.png, needed for completing the level. Finding the right key!
Level 9
he pillar of the Northern dragons must be destroyed. Access to the Boss room via the Icy lion.
Nemere, the king of ice and snow must be defeated.


  • Frost Crystal
  • Frost Bug
  • Frost Man
  • Frost Yeti
  • rost Troll
  • Frost Beard
  • Frost General
  • Frost Lord
  • Szel
  • Nemere