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Overview: The Ninja

Ninjas are professional killers, which are capable at any time silently strike from ambush. To assist in this necessary skill and speed, wear these shadow assassins are only liable lightweight protective equipment. So their flowing movements are not hindered.Depending on the specialization understand Ninjas also deal with the dagger as to handle a bow and arrow in ranged combat.
Depending on the specialization, the Ninja master in the use of daggers or shooting from a distance with her bow.


Primäre Statuswerte für den Ninja


The Vitality determines the hit points, hit points regeneration and the defense.

  • Each point Vitality increases defense by 1
  • Each point Vitality increases hit points by 40
  • The increase three points vitality magic defense by 1


The mobility affects the average damage, the skill damage and the alternative value.

  • Every third point Agility increases dodge value by 1 (DEX to 90, then only every fifth point)
  • Every third point mobility increases the impact damage
  • Every third point mobility increases the skill damage
  • Every second point mobility increases with Ninjas attack value by 1

Skills of Ninja


Skill name Skill description
       Approach an enemy from behind and make a deadly attack.
Damage increases for back results. Camouflage bonus Dagger bonus
Rolling Dagger
       Whirl around enemies with a dagger.
Surface damage. Prolonged poison attack
Poisonous Cloud
       Make poisonous clouds around the enemy and intoxicate them.
Surface damage. Attack on multiple targets. Persistent paralyzing poison attack.
Feather Walk
       Make your body lighter to increase moving speed.
Teleportation attack. Dagger bonus.
       You can hide yourself.
Attack is canceled when equipped. Ambush bonus damage
       You move so quickly to attack your opponent that you temporarily disappear.
Teleportation attack. Prolonged poison attack.


Skill name Skill description
       Shoot several arrows at one enemy.
Remote attack. Several attacks.
Fire Arrow
       Ignite the arrow.
Remote attack. Attack on multiple targets. Fire attack.
Poison Arrow
       Coat the arrow with powerful poison.
Remote attack. Attack on multiple targets. Strikes the target to the ground.
Arrow Shower
       Shoot several arrows at several enemies.
Remote attack. Attack on multiple targets.
Kyusho (Jitsu)
       Each "x" th shot is the opponent to faint / dumbness (50/50 Chance of fainting / dumbness)
       With 30 seconds without attack on the same target, disappear the existing growth
       In more remote ninjas only increases the first attacker apply
       You cause heavy damage to your opponent by suddenly radiating light.
Attack of your position. Prolonged poison attack.

Armoury & Weapons of Ninja