Orama Go

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  • Orama Go is on the Server Metin2Global the spider dungeon 2.
  • At the end of the spider dungeon 2, you come into the spider dungeon 3.
  • Spiders dungeon 2 is better for Leveling.
  • SSpider dungeon 3 is better for farming.
  • Orama Go is Lv. 86 is no longer accessible.

Spiders dungeon 2


  • In the spider dungeon 2 no NPC's


  • Claw Poison Spider
  • Deadly Poison Spider
  • Desert Outlaw
  • Red Deadly Poison Spider
  • Scorpion Archer
  • Small Poison Spider
  • Snake Swordman
  • Snake Archer
  • Soldier Poison Spider


  • Queen Spider

Metin stones

  • In Spider Dungeon 2 are no Metinstones.

Spider Dungeon 3

Spider Baroness

  • The Breeding den of the spider Baroness is the Boss room of the SD3.
  • Reachable, this is about the Confucius in the SD3.
  • The breeding cave can Lv. 50 are entering in a group.
  • Any player who wishes to enter the breeding cave must wear a pass' with him.
  • The nest cavity is not more accessible at level 86th.
  • After the breeding burrow leave you have to wait 60 minutes until you can enter again.
  • Changing the group leader does not shorten the waiting time.

Expiration of Runs

  • Kill the spiders Baron that he is a the'arachnid flute fall.
  • To call the spiders Baroness the arachnid flute must click on.
  • The eggs have no effect on the spider Baroness.


  • Confuzius


  • Best. Baby Poison Spider
  • Best. Claw Poison Spider
  • Best. Deadly Pois. Spider
  • Best. Red Poison Spider
  • Best. Sold. Pois. Spider


  • Spider Baron
  • Spider Baroness

Metin stones

  • Spider Egg