Pirate Bay

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The Pirate Bay


  • Requirements:
  • Minimum Level 45.
  • You have to be below Level 61.
  • You can enter the Dungeon at Yang-Shin.
  • Run-Informations:
  • The Run has 3 different stages and one boss-stage
  • After you killed Wanheda, the bestial blacksmith appears and you have to possibility to create Finger rings. He disapears after as short time.
  • You have 90 minutes cooldown until you can enter the dungeon again.

Pirat Tanaka
The different Stages

Kill the right monsters, until you get teleported.

Kill all Metin-Stones in the right order, to enter the next Stage. But be aware, hitting a wrong Metin will disable the markers which one is the right one.

Caribbean Stage
Kill all 8 Tanakas. Each of them will drop a Number, take a notice which Tanka drops which Number.
Enter the Code at Tardis

Boss Stage
Kill Wanheda


Gegner der Feuer Zone:

  • Wanheda Kampftigersklave
  • Wanheda Flammengeist
  • Wanheda Kampftiger
  • Wanheda Flamme
  • Wanheda Flammenkrieger

Gegner der Eis Zone:

  • Wanheda Verzaubertes Eis
  • Wanheda Eiskillerwal
  • Wanheda Eisinsekt
  • Wanheda Eislöwe
  • Wanheda Frostiger Eismann
  • Wanheda Yeti
  • Wanheda Eisgolem

Gegner der Karibik:

  • Pirat Tanka

NPC´s der Karibik:

  • Tardis

Gegner der Boss Zone:

  • Wanheda Ork
  • Wanheda Orkspäher
  • Wanheda Orkkämpfer
  • Wanheda Orkzauberer
  • Wanheda Orkgeneral
  • Wanheda Schw. Ork
  • Wanheda Schw. Orkriese