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Red Dragon Fortress

  • Requirements:
  • You have to be in a group.
  • The minimum level to enter the dungeon is 100
  • You must not have been in the last 120 minutes in the red dragon fortress.
  • Each group member must have a access ticket: Passierschein.png.
  • Special feature:
This Map consists of 7 zones. The first Zone is opened by clicking on the throat of the Am-heh.(--> The fate of the castle in front of a Zone disappears) Which Zone is first opened, you can not determine, this happens randomly.
If you have completed the first zone successfully you have to turn to the throat of the Am-heh, to go to the next zone.Keep going until you the 6 zones has been completed successfully. After another click on the pit of the Am-heh you will be teleported to the last zone, the Boss Zone.

Rotdrachen-Festung Zonen
The different zones

Zone 1
Kill all monsters.
Zone 2
Kill mobs in the designated area and collect Goldenes Zahnrad.png rag the wheell to Isfet Stele, until you have found the correct key.
Zone 3
Kill all monsters..
Zone 4
Kill Ignator.
Zone 5
By killing mobs in the designated area, your group will collect Schlüsselstein.pngdrag them to Isfet Steles. From these stelae and 7 are provided, and these must be unsealed in the correct order.
Zone 6
Kill the Purgatory Fire Metin
Zone 7 / Bosszone
Kill Razador.

  • Ember Flame Ghost
  • Ember Flame Tiger
  • Ember Flame
  • Ember Flame Warrior
  • Ember Flame King
  • Ember Flame Golem
  • Ember Flame Beard
  • Ember Flame General
  • Ember Flame Chieftain
  • Ignator