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  • the Shoulder Sash is part of the visible equipment
  • the Shoulder Sash has no expiration time
  • it can be equipped from Lv 1
  • it can be traded
  • the Crystal can be crafted from Lv 60
  • Shoulder Sashes have several levels and different rates of absorption
  • Fine Clothes are dropped by all bosses starting with the Death Reaper and above

Level Look Rate of Absorption Strong against Darkness
basic Einfach.gif 1 - 25% 1 %
fine Fein.gif 26 - 50% 5 %
noble Edel.gif 51 - 75 % 10 %
custom Maß.gif 76 - 100 % 20 %


You can forge the Shoulder Sashes at Theowahdan.
Level Look Items needed Cost
1 Herrscherband (einfach).png 10xFeines Tuch.png 10xRubin-Gravurmesser.png 10xAmethyst-Gravurmesser.png 10xSaphir-Gravurmesser.png 10xGoldgarn.png 1.500.000 Yang.png
1 Meisterband (einfach).png 10xFeines Tuch.png 10xGoldener Stoff.png 10xRoter Stoff.png 10xVioletter Stoff.png 10xKettenglieder.png 1.500.000 Yang.png
1 Fürstenband (einfach).png 10xFeines Tuch.png 10xSmaragdverzierung.png 10xSaphirverzierung.png 10xRubinverzierung.png 10xGoldschnalle.png 1.500.000 Yang.png
1 Königsband (einfach).png 10xFeines Tuch.png 10xBlaudrachenstahl.png 10xRotdrachenstahl.png 10xPurpurdrachenstahl.png 10xSchmuckelement.png 1.500.000 Yang.png


processing window

You can insert Crystals into the Shoulder Sashes. However, only if your Sash has a 100% rate of absorption, it will inherit the full bonus of the crystal. This is how you can get the Crystals:

Starting from Lv 60, you receive a quest from the Alchemist which enables you to farm 10 Energy Fragments. You can exchange 10 Energy Fragments for an Energy Crystal at the Alchemist.
If you want to have a Crystal, you have to click and drag it on a refined Ore. Though, it only works with a RubyRubin.png, a GarnetGranat.png, an EmeraldSmaragd.png or a SapphireSaphir.png. In the case that you have two Crystals with the level rough, you can refine it at the Alchemist by dragging it into the refinement window. This process can fail and always destroys the second Crystal. You can refine all Crystals until level legendary with each other.

As soon as they are on the level legendary, you have the option to improve the degree of purity with a Green Crystal by dragging onto it. The various Crystals have different bonuses which can vary except for the standart bonus. If you don´t like the bonuses of the crystal, you can change them by dragging a Violet Crystal on the legendary Crystal.


The values shown here are maximum ones.

Crystals Default Boni Possible Boni
Legendärer Drachenrubin (exzellent).png

1.800 HP

18 % Average Damage
Chance to reflect physical attacks
60 Defense
20 % HP
10 HP Absorption
30% HP Regeneration
Vulnerability in Dungeons -20%
20 % Potion Effectiveness

Legendäre Drachenjade (exzellent).png

1.800 HP

18% Skill Damage
8% Chance to block physical attacks
10% Magic Resistence
20% MP
10% Mana Absorption
30% Mana Regeneration
Damage in Dungeons +20%
Maximum Mana added as Attacking Damage 10%

Legendärer Drachensaphir (exzellent).png

1.800 HP

18 % Resistence against Skills
10 % Resistence against Critical Strikes
Magic Damage +50
+10 maximum Mana
20 % Chance to recover Mana
20 % HP Recovery through Skill Damage x%
Recovery of 20 HP every three seconds
Attacking Damage +10%

Legendärer Drachengranat (exzellent).png

1.800 HP

18% Resistence against Average Damage
10% Resistence against Piercing Strikes
+50 Attacking Damage
+1200 HP
10% Chance to recover HP
Chance to convert enemy damage into HP +10%
Defense +10%