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This is a list of our current Team and how our work distribution works. Game Masters and other In-Game Staff members can be recognized by the GM-Sign over their heads or their yellow chat colour.

Gm icon.png

Server Admin

The Server Admin is the head of the Porject. Together with his Team and the Community he creates new Content, Updates and makes them happen. The Server Admin is no contact for support.

Community Manganger

It's the Community Managers task to improve the coordination between the Staff of Metin2 Global and the Administration. He thinks of new ways to improve the fixing of Problems.

Game Admin

Rank GA.png
The GameAdministrator is the highest Instance In-game. He cares for new appointments, takes care of game-changing decisions and is a kind of teamleading Role in the game. He keeps the service running by informing the Developers and the Administration about the state of the game.


Rank Dev.png
Developer are background workers. They fix bugs, realize content updates and create systems that ease the gaming experience.

Super Gamemaster

Rank SGM.png
The SuperGameMaster takes care of his fellow GameMasters. He gives advices and helps them from time to time. Criticism and misbehavior of GameMasters can be forwarded to him.

Super Moderator

Head of the Board. Takes care of new appointments and the growth of the Board Team. Structue and sanctions of the Board are his job. He also does Name- and Rankchanges. You can message him with one of these concerns. Critic about normal users shall be forwarded to the Moderators.


A GameMaster takes care of every User and his/her problem(s). He is your direct contact for problems of every nature. Do no hesitate to ask him about something if you are struggeling with a certain questions or problem.


A Moderator, takes care of every all so small problem, moves wrongly opened Threads and archives old Threads.

Trial Gamemaster

Rank TGM.png
A TrialGameMaster is in his Trial Time to earn the Title "Gamemaster". TrialameMaster learn to become a GameMaster under the supervision of the superior Staff.

Trial Moderator

Rank TMod.png
A TrialModerator is in his Trial Time to earn the Title "Moderator". TrialModerator learn to become a Moderator under the supervision of the superiror staff