Valley of Rodinia

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The valley of Rodinia is a map1 feature, which includes 5 islands, that give your empire, different benefits. Also it is the place, where the conquest of they valley will happen. The Conquest of the valley is a special event, where Nanjing and Shenyang will figh each other, the gain access to the Heavenruns. An other property is, that you can farm and level there, ss an alternative to the Angeldungeon.

Fire- and ice-island

ice- and fire-island

- 200 Player have to reach level 75
- 3 Million monsters have to be kill on Map1
- Atleast 125 Players have a perfect skill
- 25 Players need Fishing on G
- 50 Players need Mining on G
- 75 Players need Crafting on G
- 100 Players need herbalism on G

Good to know
- The killing of the monster starts counting, when the quest is activated.

- Kill the Bodyguard
- 5 Minutes later the Boss of the island will spawn, you need to kill him, to capture the island

Bonus for your empire
- 10% Damage reduction

When all the tasks obove are finished, the flames, which block you the way to the islands, will be extinguished.
From now on, players from Nanjing can reach the ice-island and the players from Shenyang can reach the fire-island.
The ice- and the fire-island can be used to level and farm as an alternative of the angeldungeon.
After the boss of the respective island is defeated, you get two bonus:
1. The cooldown of reading skillbooks is now on half.
2. Its now possible to reach the tree-island.



- The ice- or fire-island has to be captured
- The other Island haven't kill the Boss of your tree-island

- Kill the Bodyguard
- After 5 Minutes, the Boss of the tree-island will spawn
- As soon as the Boss is deafted, all players of the enemy empire are transfered back to there tree-island.
From now on you have the possibility to kill the Boss of the enemy empire to capture they island and own both tree-islands for 48 hours.
After you successfully defeated the enemy tree-island Boss, you are allowed to visit the last island.

Good to know
-If they other empire successfully kills your tree-island boss, the way to the tree-island will be blocked for 48 hours to you.
-If you are not able to kill both Bosses and the other empire successfully defends their own boss, by killing him. Both Bosses will respawn immediately.

Bonus for you empire are capturing both islands
-1. Island: The cooldown for reading a skillbook is now on half
-2. Island: The cooldown of using soul stones are on half

After you captured the first island, you have to head on to the tree-islands.
There you have to kill the bodyguard as fast as possible.
5 Minutes after the death of the Bodyguard your tree-island Boss will spawn, which you have to kill fast.
After your tree-island Boss died, you have move to the other enemy tree-island and have to try to kill their Boss.
If both empires kill their boss by themself, every play get transfered back to their tree-island and you have to start up again.
If you successfully killed the enemy Boss the desert-island will be reachable for you.
Also the cooldown of soul stones is on half.



The dester-island is reachable thorugh the portals, which you can find on the tree-islands.

- You empire captured both tree-islands
- You are in the 48 Hours after capturing

- Kill The Bodyguard
- After 5 minutes the boss of the desert-island will spawn, which you have to deafeat.

Good to know
- The access to the island is limited on 48 hours after capturing the enemy tree-island
- By killing the desert-island Boss the heavenportal will be unlocked. Which allows you to enter the |Heavensrun.

By capturing the enemy tree-island, the desert island will be unlocked for 48 hours for your empire.
On the desert-island you have to kill the Bodyguard, 5 minutes later the Boss of the desert-island will spawn.
After you successfully killing the Boss, the heavensportal will be unlocked. The heavensportal allows you to reach the Heavensrun