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General information on the transformation:

To transform one needs a 22px-Verwandlungskugel.png Transformation ball, which is a random drop from certain monsters (can only be obtained from the respective Monster the right ball).

Transformation skill

  • You can see the skill Verwandlung.gif Transformation skill with the help of the books the transformation to train to the perfect master. The 22px-Buch der Verwandlung.pngbook of transformation there are three stages in the Book of Transformation (1 to M1), Book continues. transformation (M1 to G1) and book exp. transformation (G1 to P).
  • By jumping on the perfect Master, the time for the increase can be transformed with the help of the ball from 10 to about 30 minutes.
  • It is impossible not to turn on the highest level transformation P without a transformation ball.
  • Morphing Balls can only be used once.


The damage is done in the transformed state is measured by the level of skills, the equipment, the distribution of status points and the transformation ball. Below is a table that represents the approximate damage increase with the level of skills. That is, however, this is only rough estimates because of simple tests and no exact details!

Step Collateral damage
M1 10%
G1 15%
P 30%