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Overview: The warrior

Because of their Skills and their weaponry and heavy armor, play Warriors an essential role in the melee. Their aspiration applies solely the steely physical peace of mind.
For Mental Warrior Two-Handed Weapon and body warrior swords on the ground and on horseback two handed weapons are preferable.
Warrior fighting in empire ware on the front line, and therefore have to withstand a lot. A good reason-, weapon-, and magic defense are recommended to do this.


Primary status values ​​for the warrior


The strength influences the attack value and thus the average damage and the skill damage of physical attacks.

  • Each point strength increases the attack value by 1
  • Every second point strength increases with warriors and Suras the attack value in addition to 1


The Vitality determines the hit points, the hit point regeneration and the defense.

  • Each point Vitality increases defense by 1
  • Each point Vitality increases hit points by 40
  • The increase three points vitality magic defense by 1

Warrior skills

Body Warrior specialization

Skill name Skill description
Aura of the
       Increases Attack Power for a period of time.
Attack value is increased.
       Only concentrate on attacking.
Attack speed is increased. Increases chance to attack infallible.
Sword Spin
       Spin the sword to attack several enemies.
Punch Attack.
Attack on multiple targets.
       You attack as fast as a Bullet!
Charged Punch Attack.
Way Cut
       Cut the enemy with lightning speed.
Punch Attack 3 times.
Attack on multiple targets.
Life Force
       You gather every last drop of inner strength and channel the explosive power into a single blow.
Frontal attack. Attack on multiple targets.

Mental Warrior specialization

Skill name Skill description
Strong Body
       Increases defence and you won't fall on the ground.
Defense is improved. Reduces enemy power. Piercing hits. Do not drop.
Spirit Strike
       Attack enemies directly.
Frontal Punch Attack.
       Knock over several enemies.
Punch-through attack.
Sword Strike
       Attack enemies directly.
Remote attack. Attack on multiple targets. Fainting.
       Attack enemies directly.
Punch-through attack. Attack on multiple targets.
Sword Orb
       You hit the ground with your sword, causing an aura to spread which damages enemies standing nearby.
Attack from your position. Attack on multiple targets.

Armor & weapons of warriors